How I got started...

My love for photography started way back in high school. My first camera was my father's SLR (Canon FTB) film camera. It is one he actually used in his photography classes.  

I am most passionate about capturing bitty newborn babies and watching them grow through their first few years of life.

It is the little things that I love to capture--kisses and snuggling, shy smiles and funny faces, bitty babies and furry friends--it is these moments that are frozen in time with photography. They last for years to come and give great memories to look back on.

Random Facts about me... 

-I am a mother of the cutest little monster (AKA Mr. Kid). oook maybe I am biased ;) 

-I am possibly the only photographer in the world not obsessed with starbucks and I actually hate coffee

-We have a dog (Sadie) and a very naughty cat (Cat, Taz, Terror, Kitty, NO) he goes by whatever comes out of our mouth first.

-Mr. Kid was 12# 2oz when he was born--the largest baby my Dr. has delivered

-I married my best friend and an amazing man who is the best daddy ever

-I studied abroad in South Africa-learning about antelope reproduction

-I used to work with Lions, Tigers, and Bears (oh my!) 






Photo: thanks to White Daffodil Photography